About Ron


Throughout my life, I have served many roles (some more successfully than others): son, brother, student, friend, athlete (more spectator than participant), sports fanatic, runner (ok…maybe jogger), accountant, financial advisor, consultant, educator, writer, blind date, second date, stalker, volunteer, coach, fiancé, husband, son/bro-in-law, dad.

While I relish each of those roles (well, maybe not the accountant), I take no greater pride than in the ones that involve my family.  While I got a rather late start at the fatherhood gig, it brings me the greatest enjoyment (as well as a ton of stress) and is the one with which I most identify myself today (besides husband, of course…right honey?).

In the “real world,” through my company Brounes & Associates, I write about investment and economic issues for financial services professionals.  (I have yet to hire an associate.)


In my “other life,” I offer mindless gibberish, personal observations, sarcastic rants, and even feeble attempts at business advice. As an “older” dad of two young daughters, most of my musings these days focus on marriage, fatherhood, and family, told from the perspective of the guy occasionally confused for a grandfather.