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Another successful (hopefully) Yom Kippur has passed without much fanfare and only the slightest afternoon headache. For 25+ hours, Jews around the world spend the day in reflection and ask for forgiveness from God for any and all sins committed during the past year. We are so deep in prayer […]

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I love the smell of mildewed bath towels in the morning.  And the sight of sweaty gym socks thrown all over the floor.  And the taste of chocolate mint Matzah, considered a delicacy for eight days a year, but inedible for the other 357.  And the sound of children crying […]

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My younger daughter is clearly entrenched in the “terrible threes” (a slight derivation from the “terrible twos” because she is so much more “mature” now).  To the outside world…her teachers, her friends’ parents, especially her Mamaw…she is charming, polite, and outgoing; they scoff at our insistence that she can ever […]

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